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INCI: Theobroma Cacao Shell Powder CAS N°: 84649-99-0EINECS N°: 283-480-6
picture of Cocoa

Our COCOA SCRUB is a powder made from the shells of the cocoa beans. Our cocoa Scrub is a 100% vegetable exfoliator, offering a safe and natural exfoliation for the skin, even for sensitive skins.

It is stable and adapted to any formulation type, even those based on water. It can be used in cream, gel, paste, powders and bar soaps.

According to the size particles, the exfoliation process is more or less powerful, allowing the scrub to be used in a wide range of formulations.

Technical Information
Appearance Powder
Coulour Brown
Odor characteristic
Microbiology <100cfu/g

Properties and Cosmetic Applications

Cocoa Scrub 500μm Body Exfoliation
Cocoa Scrub 200μm Not available

Packaging and Storage

Packaging: 10kg bags
Storage: Store away from light and humidity in unopened containers.
Shelf Life: 24 months in original unopened packaging.