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BIONAT CONSULT Sarl created in 2005, is a French based Company, its name has changed during the year 2017 into BIONAT COSMETIC (BNC),
Specialised Consultant in new formulations and up to date regulations for new trend in the Cosmetic industry, and manufacturer of 100% natural excipients and vegetal substitutes.
Leant on the Organics & Nature‘s expertise, BNC has developed its competence to become the world wide specialist of Exotic Natural Oils and Butters, sourcing, supplying and providing the best logistic to customers all over the world, mainly in the middle east, Africa, South East Asia including mainland China and the USA.
Thanks to their complementary expertise, the two product lines have been merged and the combine product line, is now sold under the unique trade mark "BIONAT".
Our philosophy is to offer new natural products, source new unique materials, and explore different exclusive formulation solutions, to establish a link between Suppliers and End Users with the initial objective of providing a firm foothold in the cosmetic industry.

The Organics & Nature’s founder Philippe Monmarché, Chemical Engineer and Multilingual Marketing Expert, and Denis Roux BNC’s creator and General manager a top scientist and R&D formulator in Cosmetic Biochemistry, have decided to merge their expertise to create a strong base of supply and consulting activities.
New partnership have been endorsed with Fair trade producers in Africa and Amazonia to promote their products Natural Exotic oils and butters from the Rainforest.

Now as a unique specialist of sourcing, BIONAT COSMETIC offers a large selection of Natural excipients and Vegetal replacers, Exotic butters, oils, and Exfoliators, all from natural sources around the world, and sold through one of the largest Distribution Net Work among the Cosmetic world with partners accurately selected and exclusive distributors on the main markets: Europe and Middle East, Americas and Asia.
Satisfaction on the part of our clients has earned BIONAT COSMETIC a good reputation and the confidence of our principals, distributors and partners.


Bio Nat Cosmetic

"Hôtel d'entreprises Artis"

88 rue Anatole France

38100 Grenoble


Cell: Administration : +(33)632881026Cell: Commercial : +(33)618110429
E mail: bnc@bionatconsult.comE-mail:
Skype: "denis.roux21"Skype: "bionat.consult"

Since early 2013 , the whole activity has been installed at the BNC headquarter
ADDRESS : BIONAT COSMETIC Sarl 270 Le Maupas 38360 NOYAREY --- France
509 116 463 RCS Grenoble.